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Crew transfer and supply services for offshore wind farms since 1996.

Fast, flexible & safe.

KEM-Offshore is still very much in business and is in the planning to bring new tonnage into the company.
We have sold our old tonnage and there activities but the company remains intact.

Our values & Environmental policy


Customer Focus

We take a proactive approach to understand our customers need for offshore crew transfer and service vessels. We are committed to develop vessels for the future and special projects supporting customers in optimizing efficiency in the buildup and maintenance phase of offshore installations.


We encourage open and direct communication; we work as a team both internally and externally with our clients. We support, coach, and, develop our people to build high performing teams offshore and onshore. Common understanding reduces mistakes and increases the outcome during projects.


KEM Offshore provides a healthy, safe and sustainable place to work both onshore and offshore (on the vessels). We partner with our clients to ensure worksites meet global environmental and safe requirements. We are accountable for the safety of our passengers during operations and accountable for maximizing their time spent on the turbines. We take pride in the quality of our work and in optimizing the vessels’ actual sailing time to get our clients to the work site safe, fast and comfortable.


KEM Offshore cares for and takes pride in our reputation of being a high quality supplier of safe, fast and comfortable crew transfer and service vessels to the offshore wind industry. All gained trust from our customers is paramount to our success.

It is needless to say that when providing a service within the sustainable energy industry, you automatically commit yourself to the environment.

KEM-Offshore is a small part of the supply chain providing services to the sustainable energy industry, never the less do we contribute, by making a full commitment to the environment.

We achieve compliance by:

  • Monitoring the environmental impacts of our activities, so that we can constantly improve our environmental performance.
  • Educating and encourage our employees to a “think twice” mentality regarding consumption and disposal of resources in our daily lives.
  • Following the development and strive to use environmentally friendly technology, both onshore and on the vessels.
  • Complying with all relevant legislation and regulations and hold an ISO 14001:2015 certification.

KEM-Offshore will report on environmental progress annually.

Selected References

A steady partner on Horns Rev 1

KEM Offshore has been the main supplier of crew transfer vessels and supply vessels for Horns Rev 1 ever since the beginning of the installation in 2001. Furthermore KEM Offshore is the first CTV company in the world to be granted a 10 year charter by Vattenfall Europe Windkraft GmBH. KEM Offshore CTVs are still operating on the wind farm to this day.

Wind farm: Horns Rev 1
Operator: Vattenfall Europe Windkraft GmBH
Number of turbines: 80
Contracted year: 2001 - ongoing
Phases: Installation, commissioning, O&M
Services: CTV, supply
Involved vessels: Elisabeth M, Orkama, Hans M, Margrethe M

A broad fan of duties during the installation of Arumbank West

During the installation of Arumbank West the KEM Offshore fleet has shown its strength in its diversity. KEM Offshore has assisted the installation with CTV services with its most modern vessel, KEM 1. Our multipurpose vessel Hans M has performed guard duties and Karen M has performed refuelling of the generators and support services.

Wind farm: Arumbank West
Operator: E.ON
Number of turbines: 80
Contracted year: 2015
Phases: Installation
Services: CTV, Refuelling, guard

Surveying the seabed for UXO at Sandbank 24

Hans M has partaken in a crucial role as a survey vessel at Sandbank24 before the installation. Hans M performed precise magnetometer surveys and pinged unexploded ordnance (UXO) targets for three months. Hans M’s two schottels and bow aquamaster ensured that the survey was done with a high precision. UXO targets were later investigated by means of remotely operated vessels (ROV) also operated from Hans M’s deck.

Wind farm: Sandbank24
Operator: Vattenfall
Number of turbines: 72
Contracted year: 2015
Phases: Pre installation
Services: UXO Survey, ROV survey

Technical management

Since the beginning of 2007, KEM Offshore has been providing commercial, technical and crew management for several companies. The vessels managed have primarily been used for operations such as refuelling of generators, guard services and chase services.

KEM Offshore holds a Document of Compliance from the DNV and is well experienced in securing charters, planning and executing maintenance, and scheduling the crewing of the vessels.

Management since: 2007
Management areas: Commercial, technical, Crew

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